• A flow meter in the telemetry unit , monitors the volume of water passing through the filter.
  • In addition to the flow meter, the TDS is monitored too, to measure any changes in the particle content of the water.
  • This means that using these two parameters the telemetry can recommend when a water filter should be changed , based on volume and quality of the water passing through it.
  • The device will fit within the space currently provided for existing water filtration equipment.It is battery powered and uses 2G technology, so will be totally self-contained and require no interface with any equipment. A 4G variant is in testing and a further 5G model is under development.
  • Telemetry is monitored via a customer portal with exception based reporting highlighting 30 days, 7 days and expiration of a water filter, removing any need for staff on site to read or understand a digital head
  • Water filters will be changed exactly when they need to be, based on realtime information on water volume and quality, communicated via the telemetry attached to the filter.

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