Steam Ovens


Steam produced from water of a poor quality can cause limescale and corrosion in steam equipment such as combi ovens, which in turn can reduce oven performance and cause downtime.

Water Quality

When it comes to combis and filter systems, a one-size-fits-all approach is a risky path. “Sometimes we find customers who have tried to operate their combi using the same filtration system they use on their steam, some people don’t realise they even need a water filter for the combi.”

After all, water can make or literally break your combi oven. An excellent starting point in your research would be to ask your water filtration provider to test your restaurant’s water quality so you know what type of filter system your future combi would require. Most water utilities will provide a regional water quality report for free; however, it is not as accurate as measuring water quality at your actual location with Hydracs.

“The Hydracs Unit would analyse water acidity and alkalinity, TDS, [total dissolved solids] hardness, chlorides, chloramines and more, The results will show what level of water filtration is required from carbon filtration to reverse osmosis system and whether water softening or descaling is required.”

“Each combi manufacturer will indicate water quality specifications needed for their units,” Livchak says. “Most manufacturers will void the warranty if your water quality does not meet the minimum quality requirements.”

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