Your dishwasher is a vital part of your kitchen, serving dirty plates to customers won’t be as forgivable as an overcooked Rump Steak. Limescale build up in your machine can be detrimental to your businesses hygiene rating. To provide sanitation dishwashers reach a temperature of 82.2°c, limescale can build up around the heating element decreasing the machine performance and capability of reaching high temperatures for cleaning.


Limescale build up will lead to mineral depositsforming on your plates, this will appear as a white film on your plates. So how do we tackle it?

Cause of Limescale build up

One major factor that leads to a build-up of scale in your machine is down to the level of water hardness. Minerals such as calcium and magnesium are causing the creation of limescale when the water evaporates it leaves behind calcium carbonate deposits formed during the hot cycle. Depending on the county you live in, the hardness of the water will change dependant on the minerals in the water.


It’s recommended that a water softening system is installed, this removes the calcium, magnesium and any other ions from the water to leave pure fresh and clean water. The water softener will also make your water more compatible with the soaps and detergents used in your dishwasher leading to a cleaner dishwasher and cleaner plates. Once you have that water filter fitted you will need a way to control and monitor the usage and TDS , Hydrac’s will take complete control of your requirements and let you know when the water filter needs replacing.

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